What to Know Before Your Appointment

Basic Appointment Scheduling

All regular tutoring sessions are made by appointment.  The Studio recommends that all clients schedule their own appointments using the online system. To make an appointment or register, Click here to create an account.

If you are an undergraduate student, your appointment is at most 25 minutes. If you are a graduate student, faculty, and staff, your appointment is at most 55 minutes.

If you are five minutes late to your appointment, your tutor or the desk worker at the time reserve the right to mark your appointment missed.  Three missed appointments in one calendar year will result in your account being frozen until the end of the year. Please call the Studio ahead of time if you believe you will be late to your appointment.  Additionally, you can cancel your appointment early in order to avoid the “missed appointment” penalty by returning to the schedule, clicking on your appointment, and clicking “cancel appointment” at the bottom of the new window.

Walk-in appointments may be available during our non-busy times, but they are not guaranteed.

Group Appointments

Group appointments are an exciting way to prepare collaborative projects; however, group sessions need consideration and planning, so they cannot be scheduled using the online system. Instead, they must be coordinated between group members and the Associate Directors to ensure that the sessions are exactly what they need to be.

To schedule a group session, please contact us at writing@gsu.edu and include the following: number of group members, desired day/time to meet (please offer several), class, and assignment. We ask that you make arrangements at least one week in advance.

Online Appointments

Online appointments using the Write/Chat system are by appointment, same as the face-to-face sessions.  You can sign up for an online appointment by scheduling a time with an online tutor.  These tutors have the word “Online” next to their name and are always located at the top of that day’s schedule.

In order to access your online appointment, return to the schedule and click on the box with your appointment. A new window will open.  In the center of the new window, you will find a link called “Start or Join Online Consultation”: Click on this box to begin your online tutorial.

If you have any questions or concerns about Write/Chat, please e-mail the webmaster at writing@gsu.edu.

What Should You Bring to Your Appointment?

When preparing for your appointment, keep in mind why you are meeting with your tutor. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Guidelines: No matter where you are at in your project/ writing, it is a good idea to bring any identifying information about the purpose or guidelines for your work. This could be an assignment sheet or publishers guidelines, but it could also be a simple list of things you need the work to do.
  2. Support materials: If your work relies on outside sources or is a small part of a larger document, you might want to bring those things with you. Books, articles, and statistical evidence which you might be using to support your own work are good to have close by, should they need to be consulted.
  3. Your writing! It is always a good idea to bring two copies of what you are working on, if you are in the writing phase – one for your consultant to consult and one where you can make notes and marks.
  4. Your ideas, organizing notes, questions, etc.: Sometimes, you are simply coming in to talk through ideas and brainstorm ways to tackle the work ahead. But, some consideration and thought is still needed prior to your appointment. Have some questions in hand to help guide your session.
  5. Relevant media: If your project is not merely written, but relies on/ is built in other forms of technology or media, please make sure we have access to your work. While we do have computers available for use inside the Studio, we may not always have compatible software, etc. for certain types of composition. For this reason, we always recommend you bring a backup or use your own technology. If you are unsure, please reach out to us and ask. We can help you prepare.

What We Do Not Do

We are happy to work with students and writers at any stage of their process, from invention through drafting and revision.  Whether in-person or online, we look forward to having productive conversations with you about your writing.  However, there are certain things we will not do.

We will not accept emailed drafts. All writing must be brought with you to the session or accessed online during the allotted time.

We will not copy edit or proofread only. Proofreading may take place, but it will not be the ONLY thing done.

We will not hold group sessions without prior notification. If you are working on a group project and would like to schedule a group session, please email us directly at writing@gsu.edu.

We will not provide written, emailed, or photographic evidence of your attendance to you or your instructor. We do not support required appointments, which run counter to our mission and our capacity in serving the entire university.

Finally, we reserve the right to refuse service or terminate the session early should any of the following take place:

  • If a client is angry, belligerent, abusive or derogatory to other clients or to tutors.
  • If a client is inebriated, intoxicated, or showing signs of communicable illness.
  • If a client causes any discomfort to other clients or tutors by being inappropriately affectionate or personal.
  • If a client verbalizes, through speech or their writing, opinions, beliefs, and arguments that promote discrimination and/or hate speech toward individuals based on their race, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or gender.

Thank you for being the best part of the Writing Studio.  We look forward to seeing you soon!