About the Writing Studio

At the Writing Studio, we offer space for conversation, coffee, and writers, by creating a welcoming community for graduate and undergraduate students to practice the art of writing. Our purpose is to enhance the writing instruction that happens in academic classrooms by pairing writers with an experienced reader, who engages them in conversation about their writing assignments and ideas and familiarizes them with audience expectations and academic genre conventions. We focus on the rhetorical aspects of the text and provide one-on-one, student-centered teaching on works in progress.

Our Mission

The mission of the Georgia State Writing Studio is to enhance undergraduate and graduate student writing by encouraging all writers to participate in regular conversation about the writing process and their academic work.

We believe that talking about ideas and the art of writing with knowledgeable readers creates the ideal learning environment for practicing personal expression, persuasion, and critical thinking, all of which are vital to succeeding in the arts of academic and professional writing and communication.

We support a community where writers, readers, and teachers all learn from each other, by responding to each others’ texts with engaged conversation.

Our Staff

The Writing Studio is under the direction of Dr. Mary Hocks, Prof. of English. Working with her are more than 30 doctoral, masters, and undergraduate students from the department of English who specialize in fields like rhetoric and composition, technical communication, literary studies, and creative writing.

Graduate assistants tutor 5-10 hours per week and participate regularly in staff development and professional events. Many of our staff have completed coursework in composition theory and pedagogy, second language acquisition and teaching methods, and have previous experience tutoring and teaching writing. To learn more about our tutors, please visit our Tutors page.

Graduate assistants may also present classroom workshops on the writing process and peer workshops, conduct research on writing and teaching writing, and are active in professional writing center associations. 

The Writing Studio at Georgia State provides free writing tutorials for various writing projects. Our services are available to all faculty, staff, and students.