Other Resources

The Writing Studio is continually collecting a list of writing related resources for students and instructors. This includes:

– Grammar Handbooks
– Style Manuals
– Histories of the English Language
– Dictionaries and Thesauri – Composition Textbooks – Films and TV shows useful in teaching writing

There is an ever-increasing number of useful writing and composition resources on the internet. The Writing Studio has compiled an annotated list of links to many of these helpful websites. Just click on the source. Below is a list of online resources that students and tutors have found helpful.

Online Reference Materials (Dictionaries, Thesauri):
1. Bartleby’s Reference Books Online includes links to dictionaries, thesauri, English usage books, books of quotations, and a variety of sources for specialized topics.

2. Cambridge Dictionaries Online includes links to American English dictionaries, French-English and English-French dictionaries, as well as Learners, Idioms, and Phrasal Verbs dictionaries.

3. Merriam Webster Online includes a search box for dictionaries and thesauri.

4. Your Dictionary.com provides a dictionary search as well as an online translator.

5. Dictionary.com includes a dictionary, thesauri, language resources, and an online translator.

6. One Look Dictionary allows you to browse several dictionaries.

7. Thesaurus.com is a link to Roget’s Thesaurus, which also provides links to language resources, dictionary.com, and an online translator.

8. Biographical Dictionary contains references to over 28,000 individuals.

Online Style Manuals:
1. The Modern Language Association’s homepage.

2. The American Psychological Association’s homepage.

3. Purdue OWL guides to Modern Language Association (MLA) or American Psychological Association APA styles.

4. Purdue OWL guide to Chicago Manual of Style.

5. Strunk and White’s Elements of Style is available online.

Grammar Resources:

1. Purdue OWL’s General Writing Resources on general writing concerns, punctuation, spelling and capitalization, parts of speech, sentence construction, etc.

Writing Across the Curriculum Resources:
1. WAC Clearinghouse at Colorado State University.

2. Northern Illinois University’s WAC Homepage offers historical information about writing across the curriculum as well as a variety of student and teacher resources.

3. Purdue University’s Writing Across the Curriculum website provides general information about WAC programs and links to a comprehensive list of WAC programs in other universities.

4. Bibliography and annotated bibliography of articles about writing across the curriculum.

5. Georgia State University’s WAC website offers general information, online writing resources, and grant opportunities.

6. The University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s website contains a bibliography divided by discipline.

ESL Resources:
1. Purdue University’s OWL ESL page has resources for teachers, including online journals, syllabi and assignments, general reference, and teaching specific tasks.

2. Dave’s ESL Café. Links to over 3000 resources for ESL students and teachers.

Professional Writing Resources:
1. Purdue University’s online writing lab provides information and links about job searching, resumes, cover letters, employment letters, memos and reports, academic applications, and general business writing.