Meet the Consultants


Alice Ashe

Pronouns: she/her
Research areas: Literary studies, critical theory, feminist/queer theory
Other specialties: Creative writing
Alice is a first-year MA in the English department with a concentration in literary studies. She double-majored in English and gender studies during her undergrad years, and for three of those years tutored at her campus writing center.  She thrilled to be tutoring again here at GSU!

Lindsey Baker

Pronouns: she/her

Research areas: Fiction; Creative Non-Fiction

Other specialties: Resumes and cover letters; Personal Statements; Grant applications

Lindsey is a first-year MFA fiction candidate and a Paul Bowles Fellow. Her fiction has appeared in Bodega, Creative Loafing, SmokeLong Quarterly, and Storychord, among others. She looks forward to working with students on all types of writing, from academic to creative.

Brittny Byrom

Social Media Manager
Pronouns: she/her
Research areas: Rhetoric and Composition, community rhetorics, writing program development, and feminist theories
Other specialties: Journalism and Communication
Brittny M. Byrom is a Ph.D. student in Rhetoric and Composition at Georgia State University with many—at times too many—interests; her current research focuses on community, language, and storytelling. She earned an M.A. at Georgia State University focusing on compassion’s role in composition classrooms, and her B.S. in Communication at Kennesaw State University focusing on journalism and media. Aside from working on her studies, Brittny also works as a graduate teaching instructor for LDS and manages the Writing Studio’s social media platforms.

Caroline Chavatel

WNAI Liaison

Pronouns: she/her

Research Areas: Contemporary Poetry & Poetics, Creative Writing, Aesthetic Theory

Other Specialties: Business & Professional Writing, Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Caroline Chavatel is a PhD student studying poetry at Georgia State. She is the author of WHITE NOISES (Greentower Press, 2019) and also works for both a chapbook press, Madhouse Press, and an online literary magazine, The Shore.

Dionne Clark

Pronouns: she/her

Research areas: African American Literature; American Literature; Black Feminist Theory; African American History (Modern Civil Rights Movement)

Other Specialties: Grant Writing

Dionne is a doctoral student in English – Literary Studies. Her research interests include 20th century American literature and African American literature, Black Womanism and Feminism, and feminist rhetorics. The primary focus of her graduate work and research explores  narratives by and about black women in and from the U.S. South through visual and cultural production – primarily in literature, film, and art.

Keith Derrick

Pronouns: He/Him

Research Areas: Queer Theory, Long Nineteenth Century Literature, Ace/Aro Literature

Other Specialties: Film Studies, Fiction Writing, WordPress, Resumes/CVs, MLA Citation & Formatting

Keith is a PhD student in Literary Studies.  His focus is on applying Queer Theory to identify asexual and aromantic characters in literature from the Long Nineteenth Century.  He enjoys relaxing on his hammock on a quiet Spring day.

Namrata Dey Roy

Research areas: Postcolonial literature and theories, cultural studies, diaspora, migration, identity, children’s literature and myths

Other Specialties: Personal statements, freshman composition

Namrata is from India and completed a Bachelors (English Honors) from Presidency College, Calcutta, a Masters from Calcutta University, Calcutta, and a  M.Phil from Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta. Namrata has presented presented papers at several national and international conferences.

Greg Emilio

Pronouns: He/Him

Research areas: American and British Literature; Contemporary Poetry; Postmodern Fiction; Popular Culture

Other Specialties: Creative Nonfiction, Personal Statement, C.V., WordPress

Gregory Emilio’s poetry and essays appear in Best New Poets, Crab Orchard Review, F(r)iction, Nashville Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, The Southeast Review, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, and Valparaiso Poetry Review. He’s the Nonfiction Editor at New South, and a PhD candidate in English at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Pablo Fierro

Pronouns: He/They

Research areas: Postcolonial literature, Romantic, Modern, Postmodern eras, Transcendentalists, 18th C British Literature, Feminist and Queer Theory, Film and Media

Other specialties: Grants, personal statements, college applications, resumes, blogs

Pablo is a PhD student in Literary Studies. His work centers on postcolonial literature. He is excited to be working with the Writing Studio.

Danielle Garner

Pronouns: she/her

Research areas: Rhetoric and Composition

Other Specialties: Victorian Literature, Medieval Literature, Cover Letters, Resumes, Statement of Purpose

Danielle is a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition. She holds a M.A. in English Literature with a capstone project that centers on a comparison between Rudyard Kipling’s Kim and Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children. Danielle enjoys meeting new students and seeing the development in student writing over the course of a semester. She is looking forward to a great year in the Writing Studio.

Em Gates

Pronouns: She/ Her

Research areas: Literature related to Medicine and Illness, American Literature, Medical Humanities, Film & Media, Cultural Studies, Life Writing, Feminist & Queer Theory

Other specialties: Personal statements, resumes, creative writing assignments

Em is a PhD student in Literary Studies here at Georgia State. She loves researching significant historical or cultural events, particularly through the lens of film, life writing, or visual art. Her approach with her Writing Studio students centers on breaking down assignments into digestible pieces and helping students learn how to become better readers of their own work.

Emily Hansen 

WNAI Liaison
Pronouns: she/her
Research areas: Poetry, Creative Writing
Other specialties: Literature & Linguistics
Emily Lake Hansen is a first year PhD student in Poetry. She is the author of Home and other Duty Stations (Kelsay Books, forthcoming 2020), and her poetry has also appeared in journals such as Atticus Review, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, SWWIM Every Day, and Rust + Moth. In addition to writing, she enjoys teaching, both college students and her two wily children, and is excited to start at the Writing Studio this year.

Jennifer Harris

Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
Research Areas: Writing Across the Curriculum, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, first-year composition
Other specialties: Editing, technical and professional writing, journalism
Bio: Jennifer is a first-year master’s student studying rhetoric and composition. As an undergrad, she spent two years engaged in peer tutoring as a Writing Fellow and as the editor of the student newspaper. In her spare time, Jennifer participates in the 52 Book Challenge, embarrasses herself at karaoke, and enjoys outdoor adventures.

Matthew Higgins

Pronouns: he/him

Research areas: Rhetoric and Composition, medieval literature, philosophy of science and technology

Matthew is an English PhD student studying Rhetoric and Composition. His research interests focus on literacy, technology, and the history of rhetoric. Matthew enjoys reading and helping students with writing from all academic disciplines.

Hosanna Isaac

Name: Hosanna Isaac

Pronouns: she/ her

Research areas: Literary Studies

Other specialties:  Organizing, brainstorming, grammar

Hosanna is a first-year MA student in Literary Studies. She has worked with non-native English speakers and understands the complexities that come with developing written English skills. This is her first year tutoring in the Writing Studio and is excited to be a part of it!

Andrew Lamb

Pronouns: he/him

Research areas: 19th century antebellum American lit, 19th century French lit, ESL

Other specialties: ESL, YA fiction, painting

Andrew Lamb is a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Lower Division Studies. He  is a doctoral student in the English Department in Lit Studies. The past 9 years, he has worked as a tutor/teacher in English as a Second (or Foreign) Language or ESL. His specialties are composition writing, ESL, and American lit.

Anastasia Latson

WNAI Liaison

Pronouns: She/Her
Research Areas: Literary Studies with a focus in African American Lit; Literary and Black Feminist Theory, Afrofuturism
Other Specialties: Personal Statements; Brainstorming;  Organization
Anastasia is a Ph. D. student in Literary Studies with a focus in African American Literature and theory. Her work centers on community and familial relationships black women’s writing with a particular interest in how those relationships reshape or imagine future communities. She loves working one-on-one and enjoys working with second language writers, helping students craft personal statements, and facilitating brainstorming sessions.

Tom Lombardo

Pronouns: He/Him

Research Areas: Health, medicine, science, technology

Other Specialties: Business and creative writing

Tom Lombardo has been an editor for 44 years. He holds a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering,  M.S. in Journalism, and M.F.A. in Creative Writing. Tom was the founding editor-in-chief of in 1998. He currently selects and edits poetry selections as Poetry Series Editor for Press 53, Winston-Salem, NC and is a Ph.D. student in English. 

Dylan Maroney

Pronouns: He/His
Research Areas: Rhetoric and Composition, Digital Rhetoric, Visual Rhetoric
Other Specialties: Memos, Technical Communication, Resumes, Personal Statements
Dylan Maroney is a first year masters student pursuing his M.A. in rhetoric and composition. His work generally focuses on productions of identity and the cultural factors that inhibit communication of one’s self. He is excited to be working towards helping other students and his peers become better writers.

Bailey McAlister

Research and Publications Manager

Pronouns: she

Research areas: Food/drink rhetoric, first-year composition

Other specialties: Conference presentations, conference proposals

Bailey is a first-year composition teacher and writing tutor at GSU. She is the Conference and Publications Manager for the Writing Studio. Her research involves wine literacy and sommelier discourse.

John McNabb

Pronouns: N/A

Research areas: Modernism, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Milton

Other specialties: Writing Center Pedagogy, World History, Creative Writing, Personal Statements, Application Essays

John has previously tutored a wide range of students – from children to adults – in a variety of topics including writing, grammar, test preparation, history, and math.  He enjoys teaching writing to all kinds of students: undergraduates who aren’t comfortable with writing, upperclassmen applying to M.A and PhD programs in any field, advanced writers who want a second pair of eyes on their work, foreign students who need help navigating the language, creative writers who need to brainstorm, and everyone in between.

Storm Murray

Pronouns: she, her, hers
Research Areas: Rhetoric and Composition; Literary Theory; Media Studies; Identity Manifestations; Psychoanalytic Theory
Other Specialties: Research methods papers; history papers; ESL papers; citations
Storm is a first year M.A. student in Rhetoric and Composition. She plans to focus her research on the rhetoric of fandom communities with a particular focus on  how toxicity manifests within these groups. Though it is her first year in Georgia State’s Writing Studio, Storm has ample experience in tutoring writing from her undergraduate institution where she served as both a tutor and the Student Director.

Brianny Paulino

Pronouns: She/Her

Research areas: Rhetoric and composition; Applied Linguistics

Other specialties: Personal statements and application materials. Fluent in Spanish, comfortable working with non-native English speakers.

Brianny is a second-year M.A. student studying Rhetoric and Composition. She is fluent in both English and Spanish and enjoys learning about different languages. She is excited to help students improve their writing and especially loves working on personal statements and other application essays.

Yeshi Pelzom Pradhan

WNAI Liaison

Research Areas: gender and culture studies

Other Specialties: Personal statements

Yeshey Pelzom is a second-year PhD student who received their Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Agnes Scott College, GA and their MA from King’s College London in Medieval English. Yeshey lives in Stone Mountain and loves to garden and to knit.

Scarlett Peterson

WNAI Liaison

Pronouns: she/her

Research areas: Creative writing; poetry writing;

Other specialties: resumes& cover letters; MLA formatting;

Scarlett is a poet and writer. She is currently working on her PhD in creative writing. She is fascinated with language and how we communicate through the written (and spoken) word.

 Emily Pierce

WNAI Liaison

Pronouns: she/her

Research areas: Lit Studies; Multicultural Southern lit; Trauma theory

Other specialties: Creative writing; Journalistic/Media writing; Resumes & cover letters

Emily is a Master’s student in Literary Studies. Her work focuses on multicultural Southern literature, how the region’s large-scale trauma affects the personal in literature, and what that means for today. She loves helping folks grow into better writers and is excited to be working in the Writing Studio.

Alec Prevett

Pronouns: they/them

Research areas: Creative writing (poetry & prose)

Other specialties: crafting arguments and analyses, gender, sexuality & queer studies, visual rhetoric

Alec is a second-year MFA student, and also completed their bachelor’s at GSU. They began tutoring as a sophomore back in January of 2016 and have been around ever since. Alec is also a GTA, assistant fiction editor of New South, and secretary of the Graduate English Association.

Cora Rowe

Pronouns:  she/her/hers
Research Areas: Creative Writing-Fiction
Other Specialties: Poetry, Nonfiction
three sentence bio
Cora is a PhD student in Creative Writing – Fiction. Her work investigates the complex relationships between women as well as the intersections between the “domestic,” religious trauma, and memory. This is her second year tutoring in the Writing Center, where she enjoys helping students attain the necessary rhetorical techniques to allow them to succeed not only in one specific assignment, but in all future collegiate writing.

Shabana Sayeed

Research Areas: 3rd world literature, with an emphasis on subaltern and post-colonial literature

Other Specialties: Grammar (including syntactical and structural technicalities), creative writing, international English writing instruction

Shabana is from India, where she received a BA and an MA; she also has an MA from GSU, and is currently pursuing her PhD in Literary Studies. As a tutor, Shabana welcomes international and L2 students struggling to bridge between cultural and lingual dilemmas to visit with her and tear apart any squeamish thoughts and language barriers. Off-campus, Shabana enjoys traveling, talking to her parents for hours, writing and reading novels extensively and dreaming about a utopian society completely free of discrimination.

Eli Schuett

Pronouns: he/him/etc.

Research Areas: Graphic Narrative, Contemporary American Fiction, Transnational Theory, Materialist Semiotic Theory

Other Specialties: MLA Formatting, Annotated Bibliographies, Freshman Composition Assignments, Research Methods

Eli is an MA student in literary studies. His work centers on graphic narrative (comics) and theory, especially graphic narrative representations of national and cultural identity and subject formation. He talks too much and enjoys most sports, gaming, and (of course) reading.

Michelle Shamasneh

WNAI Liaison
Pronouns: she/her
Research areas: Literary Studies; Victorian fiction and nonfiction prose; children’s literature
Other Specialties: creative writing
Michelle is a PhD student in Literary Studies and holds an MA in creative writing. She enjoys writing long letters to companies that she really likes (and, occasionally, to those she really doesn’t like).

Jeremy Simpson

Pronouns: he/him

Research areas: 20th Century American Literature, Film Studies, Adaptation Studies, Literary Theory

Other specialties: MLA knowledge, professional document editing, creative writing, reviews/critiques

Jeremy Simpson is a second-year MA student in Literary Studies. He is an avid movie-watcher and reader, focusing on course work in film studies and modern American literature. In his free time, Jeremy likes to play music, make day trips to exciting outdoor excursions, and experience the various activities of culture in and around Atlanta.

Alex Sladky

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Research Areas: Rhetoric and Composition
Other Specialties: Latin; Creative Writing
Alex is a first year PhD student studying Rhetoric and Composition. Before starting a PhD program, she taught Latin, and loves finding ways that Latin relates to our contemporary languages and literature. She looks forward to helping students improve their writing.

Jill Smith

Pronouns: She/her

Research Areas: Poetry, Fiction

Jill is a PhD student in Poetry and holds an MFA in Fiction writing. She has taught at Georgia Military College, where she received the school-wide Teacher of the Year Award in 2015, and also taught English and Social Studies at Notre Dame Academy middle school. As a tutor, Jill enjoys getting to know students on an individual level and helping them hone their talents and develop new skills.

Robyn Stockslager

WNAI Liaison

Pronouns: she/ her

Research areas: Literary Studies

Other specialties: Resumes & cover letters

Robyn is a PhD student in Literary Studies. She has taught Composition for the previous 13 years in various settings. She enjoys working with students and helping them brainstorm topic ideas, organize their information, and improve their writing style.

Beth Topping

Global Englishes/EFL Expert
Pronouns: She/her
Research Areas: Literacy, Public Sphere, Rhetoric of Motherhood and Midwifery, Memory Studies
Other specialties: ESL Teaching Certificate + 8 years of ESL teaching experience, Linguistics (MA), APA, Technical Communication and Writing (BA)

Beth Topping has taught writing to students of all backgrounds at universities and community colleges. She spent eight years teaching academic research and writing to undergraduate and graduate learners of English and is comfortable using both MLA and APA. She also has a math and science background from her undergraduate degree before joining the English department and has taught a number of classes focusing on writing in the sciences.

Nicole Turner

Operations Manager

Pronouns: she/her

Research Areas: 20th Century American and English Literatures; Trauma Studies; Feminist Theory; Writing Center Studies
Other specialties: Brainstorming and Planning; Personal Statements; MLA; Close Editing
Nicole Turner is a PhD student in Literary Studies. Her research focuses on narratives surrounding war, particularly those emerging from domestic spaces; she also is involved in research that considers the role of mental health, trauma, and self-care in the writing process and in peer tutoring. This is her fourth year tutoring in the Writing Center, where she enjoys the personal involvement in various students’ writing processes and being a part of both long-term and short-term writing projects.

Calabria Turner

WNAI Liaison

Pronouns: She/Her
Research Areas: Literary Studies; Victorian Novel; Children’s and Adolescent Lit.; Historical and Cultural Studies

Other Specialties: Resumes; Personal Statements

Calabria is a PhD student in Literary Studies. Her work focuses on Victorian novels, particularly Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. She also enjoys the occasional venture into pop-culture and film.

Josh Winston

Pronouns: He/Him 

Research areas: Speculative Fiction, Queer Theory, Gender Studies, Postmodernism. Film & Media

Other specialties: Research papers, scripts, personal statements

Josh is a MA student in English Lit. His work involves speculative or science fiction, queer theory and visual media. He enjoys helping others reach their full potential as writers and is looking forward to a productive year in the Writing Studio.

Rachel Woods

Pronouns: she/her

Research areas: Rhetoric and Composition; Classics; Irish Literature; Literary Theory; Feminist Theory

Other specialties: Business and Marketing Research and Writing; Resumes and Cover Letters; Transcriptions

Rachel Woods is a Masters student in English Rhetoric and Composition.  She loves to research Irish literature and recently traveled to Dublin to present on the intersections of Irish Gothic literature and its influence on feminism. This is her first year working in the writing studio and she is excited to interact with students and faculty!