Studio Policies

Required Visits

We’re happy to have Georgia State faculty recommend the Writing Studio to their classes. Faculty support plays a significant role in encouraging students to take advantage of the Writing Studio for all composition projects. Studio appointments are open to students at all levels, in all programs, free of charge.

The Writing Studio has long held policies that support students’ ownership and autonomy over their work, both for logistical and pedagogical reasons. These policies include not writing on students’ papers, avoiding discussion of grades, and keeping private what happens between students and tutors. Pedagogically, we believe such policies support students’ growth as independent writers. Logistically, it is difficult for the Writing Studio to accommodate required visits due to limited resources.

For these reasons, we do not provide verification or details regarding a student’s choice to visit. However, should professors want proof of their students’ visits, they do have the option of requiring students to turn in drafts or notes from tutoring sessions as their own evidence, e.g. for credit, and initiated by the student who has come for tutoring.