Writing Studio @Georgia State in the Conversation

SWCA 2013
Congratulations to Kelly Elmore, Sarah Dyne, Helen Cauley, and Sam Jakobeit on being accepted to present their discussion “The Work We Do: Community Outreach in the Georgia State University Writing Studio” at the 2013 Southeastern Writing Center Association Conference on February 21-23 in Fort Launderdale, FL. Learn more about the conference here.

Writing Studio Director Dr. Lynee Lewis Gaillet has also produced the following invited talks, conference presentations, and publications this year:

“Academic Publication and Contingent Faculty: Establishing a Community of Scholars.” With Letizia Guglielmo. Working with Faculty Writers. Ed. Michelle Eodice and Anne Ellen Geller. Utah State UP. Forthcoming, March 2013.

“A Welcoming Space: Creating Community for Contingent Faculty in the Writing Center.” International Writing Center Conference. October 2012. San Diego, CA

“Creating Communities of Scholars: ACcademic Publication and Contingent Faculty.” Lynee Gaillet and Letizia Guglielmo. International Writing across the Curriculum Conference. June 2012. Savannah, GA.

Invited Lecturer. “Buildiing Sustainable Communities.” Delivered to non-tenure track faculty at East Carolina University. November 8, 2012. Greenville, NC.

“Training Across the Curriculum: Building a Cross-Programmatic Infrastructure to Improve GTA and Tutor Training Across the Curriculum.” South Atlantic Modern Language Association. November 2011. Atlanta, GA,